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Laser marking technology on the packaging gift box laser engraving process

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Laser marking technology can quickly process different materials on the surface of gift boxes of various materials according to different needs of customers. The marking pattern is exquisite and beautiful, and no consumables are required. Compared with traditional ink printing, it is more cost-effective. For food gift box packaging In other words, it is safer and healthier. Suntop laser can provide customized services for UV laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, and CO2 laser marking machines. Let's follow Suntop laser to understand the laser engraving process of laser marking technology on packaging gift boxes.

Laser marking on packaging can not only meet the requirements of packaging design, but also the engraved content is not easy to fade, wear-resistant, and has powerful functions in anti-counterfeiting and information traceability.

The equipment is easy to operate, and can directly import design files. Through computer preset patterns, using the high energy of laser beam focus, it can quickly carve and hollow out various fonts on the surface of leather, bamboo and wood products, textile fabrics, paper products and other materials. Graphic design.

Introduction of laser marking technology on the packaging gift box laser engraving process

1. UV laser marking machine is used in the ultra-fine processing market, marking the surface of packaging bottles of cosmetics, medicines, food and other polymer materials. Marking and scribing of flexible PCB boards. Silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface coating, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and other fields. It also includes many signs that are common in life, such as metal or non-metal markings, text and patterns, mobile phone buttons, etc. These patterns are all realized by ultraviolet laser marking machines.

2. Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used in some occasions that require finer and higher precision. It can not only mark on cartons, but also widely used in craft gifts, wood, clothing, greeting cards, electronic components, plastics, models, medical packaging , Building ceramics, fabric cutting industries, such as leather laser marking, wooden packaging boxes, chopsticks lettering, pharmaceutical packaging box marking and so on.

3. CO2 laser marking machine is a high-efficiency, high-precision, large-format non-metallic material marking machine that is widely used in the fields of leather processing, clothing accessories engraving and cutting, wood acrylic, and paper gift box packaging laser printing. It is widely used in craft gifts, clothing, home textiles, advertising signs, model making, food packaging, electronic components, nameplate marking, etc.

Laser marking machine uses laser beams to mark long-term text on the surface of cartons. The marking effect is to expose deep substances through the evaporation of surface substances, thereby engraving exquisite text, patterns, logos, dates, etc., which is different from traditional inkjet technology. Compared with Suntop laser marking machine, it has the advantages of clear laser marking, high speed, high yield, no pollution, beautiful and long-lasting.

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