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Laser Key Cutting Machine

The exchangeable workbench structure, one machine with dual functions, rich equipment functions, solves the cutting plan of various types of workpieces, can not only cut metal sheets, but also cut metal pipes, which is economical and brings higher production efficiency.
Product Model: ST-FC3015CR/ST-FC4020CR/ST-FC6015CR/ST-FC6020CR
Laser power: 1000W-20KW
Working area: 1500*3000mm (4000*2000mm, 6000*1500mm, 6000*2000mm)

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laser key cutting machine features-Suntop

Features of laser key cutting machine

1. Adopt parallel exchange platform, double-sided drive with sprocket chain. It has the characteristics of stability, good rigidity and fast speed.

2. Gantry double-drive structure, the beam is extruded from high-strength aluminum alloy, which effectively improves the dynamic performance of the machine tool.

3. Adopt imported precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide rail to realize high-speed and high-precision cutting.

4. Using special cutting software, combined with CYP pipe cutting software, can directly accept drawings from 3D drawing software to 2D drawing software. Drawings can be displayed directly on the computer, which is more convenient and faster.

5. High performance-to-price ratio with one machine and two uses, it can cut square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe and other kinds of pipes, and can also perfectly cut angle steel and channel steel.

Details of laser key cutting machine

1. Clamping design

The front and rear are clamped by pneumatic chucks, the center is automatically adjusted, and the operation is simple.

It can process ultra-large diameter pipes, and the chuck rotates at a high speed, which can improve processing efficiency.

2. Cast aluminum beam

The overall cast aluminum beam is refined through artificial aging and solution treatment, which endows the beam with excellent integrity, rigidity and good toughness.

Light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low density, fast cutting of various graphics while satisfying the precision.

3. Machine tools

The high-power machine tool with hollow structure can effectively reduce the heating area during laser cutting. Long-term use of the machine tool will not deform, but also ensure good cutting accuracy, greatly improving the stability of the machine. It will not be deformed after at least 20 years of use.

4. Fractional automatic support installation

The intelligent pipe support design is adopted to solve the deformation problem during the cutting process of long pipes.

5. Laser cutting head

The focal length scale can be adjusted flexibly, no need to manually adjust the focus, and it is easy to operate. Control the vertical height, auto-focus, quickly complete the high-speed perforation of thick plates, and automatically cut materials of different thicknesses.

Advantages of laser key cutting machine

1. High-speed parallel exchange platform, double worktables can be exchanged at the same time, the transmission mode is stable and reliable, and the exchange time is shortened.

2. The cutting precision is high, the speed is fast, the cutting kerf is narrow, the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free, which improves the product quality.

3. Various cutting shapes, no mold, not affected by cutting shapes.

4. The automatic tracking system can realize the calibration and automatic tracking of the corrugated metal plate.

5. High material utilization rate, one-click processing for any piece of material, forming the best layout method through programming, realizing clean material cutting and improving plate utilization rate.

Laser key cutting machine application

Application materials

Mainly cutting a variety of metal plates and tubes, suitable for fast cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy plates, rare metals and other materials.

Application industry

Steel metals processing, advertising sings production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobile, machinery, metal products, saw blades, electrical parts, optical industry, spring, metal board, kettles, medical microelectronics, hardware, knife measuring tools, petroleum and pipe material, fitness equipment and other pipe material mainly mechanical processing, automotive manufacturing, machine cabinet and other board materials mainly mechanical processing, etc.  and other metal and tubes processing industry.

Parameters of laser key cutting machine



Laser power


Table Max. cutting size

1500*3000mm (4000*2000mm, 6000*1500mm, 6000*2000mm)

Laser wavelength


Transmission system

Double rack & pinion and servo drive


High precision screw guide transmission

Maximum speed


Repeat positioning accuracy


Tube cutting standard range

20mm≤Round tube≤220mm,
20mm≤Square tube≤150mm
Other size can be customized

Tube cutting standard length

3000mm/6000mm (other length can be   customized)

Power consumption

<10KW (based on laser power 1000W)

Voltage and frequency

Three phase 380V/50Hz or 60Hz

Machine weight


Machine dimension

5050*2480*1830mm (L*W*H)

laser key cutting machine samples-Suntop



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