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Laser Cleaning Technology in The New Energy Industry

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Laser cleaning is known as "the 21st century the most development potential of green cleaning technology", has been one of the hot spots in the field of industrial manufacturing research. With the booming development of the new energy industry, the demand for cleaning has increased dramatically, the new energy manufacturing cleaning process has also put forward new tasks and challenges. In the past two years, under the vigorous promotion of laser enterprises, laser cleaning is maturely used in new energy manufacturing process, has been from the industrial alternative, to the dominant stage.

Laser cleaning technology in the new energy industry-Suntop

Suntop laser is a collection of R & D, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, independent research and development and production of laser cleaning equipment and other laser equipment, "carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, the pursuit of product quality" is Suntop has been adhering to the mission of the enterprise, the enterprise has been advocating the "green low-carbon, The company has also been advocating the service concept of "green low-carbon, clean and efficient, harmonious coexistence". In the new energy industry, Suntop intelligent laser also provides a new direction for the cleaning technology of the new energy industry, such as new energy vehicle body cleaning, new energy automobile battery box cleaning, battery pole cleaning and so on.

● New energy vehicle body cleaning

The main application of laser cleaning technology in new energy vehicle body is pre-welding and post-welding cleaning operations, pre-welding cleaning can effectively remove oil impurities to avoid welding porosity. Post-weld seam cleaning, can remove post-weld oxides, welding slag, and other impurities. Welding strength and elongation greatly increased, strengthen the welding uniformity, enhance the welding quality and appearance.

Laser cleaning technology in the new energy industry sample-Suntop

● New energy vehicle parts cleaning

Laser cleaning technology used in new energy automobile parts cleaning, can quickly clean the surface flux oil and other residues, improve product quality, compared with the traditional acid cleaning method is more environmentally friendly, non-contact, no damage, reduce trachoma defective rate.

● New energy battery parts cleaning

Laser cleaning technology used in battery parts and other specific parts of the cleaning, with strong positioning, good directional characteristics, can focus the beam, the beam is concentrated in a small area can play an excellent cleaning effect, cleaning the surface without scratches, no burrs, thus improving the safety performance and service life of the power battery.

Laser cleaning technology in the new energy industry samples-Suntop

Different from the traditional cleaning methods, Suntop laser laser cleaning equipment, both green, high cleanliness, no consumables costs and other advantages, in the efficient cleaning of different sizes of the product surface at the same time, but also improve product performance, product qualification rate increased by 20%, to protect the stability of the use of the product, safety. In the future, the new energy industry will have a huge market potential to be tapped, the application of laser cleaning proportion will continue to go high.

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