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How To Weld Solidly with A Laser Welding Machine

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Although the laser welding machine is good to use, but improper use will also appear welding defects, when the laser welding machine for welding processing, there will be welding is not solid problem, which will affect the overall quality, there are many reasons for this situation.

How to weld solidly with a laser welding machine-Suntop

Laser welding machine how to weld solid

1. Before laser welding, you need to clean the surface of the workpiece to be welded, to ensure that the welding area is clean, do not use materials that have been dirt, such as oil stains on the surface of the welding material as well as oxides, etc., to avoid problems such as porosity during the welding process, they will affect the quality and strength of the weld.

2. The quality of laser welding machine welding and welding parameters are inseparable, will have an impact on the welding results of the laser welding machine, you need to set different parameters according to the site welding situation. Laser power will directly affect the depth and width of the weld, the laser power is too low will lead to welding is not strong, while too high will produce burns on the weld, reduce the strength of the weld. Therefore, the laser power should be adjusted to the appropriate range according to the material, shape and thickness of different workpieces.

How to weld solidly with a laser welding machine sample-Suntop

3. Welding speed is one of the important factors affecting the quality of welding, sometimes in pursuit of efficiency may be too fast welding speed, in fact, the longer the contact time between the laser and the workpiece, the fuller the weld, the appropriate welding speed can make the weld force distribution uniformity to ensure that the weld is strong. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the control of welding speed, welding speed is too slow will lead to heat buildup, weld large, and welding speed is too fast will lead to welding is not strong.

4. Finally, when the laser welding, laser welding contact to the workpiece distance should be maintained in the appropriate position, different materials caused by the welding effect is different, according to different situations, the appropriate adjustment distance length to improve.

How to weld solidly with a laser welding machine samples-Suntop

Laser welding machine use

1. Check the appearance of the laser welding machine, keep it clean and tidy, no impurities and debris.

2. Check the cooling system water level and water temperature, adjust the appropriate temperature.

3. Select welding mode and set welding parameters.

4. Wear protective gear when welding, exit the system and turn off the laser welding machine after welding is completed.

How to weld solidly with a laser welding machine display-Suntop

Many factors affecting the quality of laser welding machine welding process, if you want to improve the welding quality of the workpiece, you need to pay attention to these factors affecting the welding quality in the actual operation, master the welding speed and improve the quality.

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