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How To Maintain The Laser Welding Machine?

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Laser welding machine is through the laser instantly produced concentrated energy will be steel, iron, aluminum, copper, gold, silver and its alloys and other metal materials melted and fused together, can be a material or a variety of materials spot welding, butt welding, stacked welding, sealing welding and other operations, the implementation of precision welding.

Manual laser welding features-Suntop

Advantages of laser welding machine

Laser welding machine welding efficiency, using it to weld out of the weld width, depth, heat affected zone and deformation of small, fast welding speed, weld seam flat, beautiful, with a long time stable work of the powerful ability to operate flexible and easy to realize automation, is a lot of fields of powerful "welding" will.

How to maintain the laser welding machine sample-Suntop

Laser welding machine maintenance

Laser welding machine also needs maintenance, if there is no timely maintenance, then it will lead to a decline in equipment performance, affecting its efficiency and service life.

First, welding machine maintenance

1. Clean laser welding machine: laser welding machine in the use of the process will produce dust, impurities, etc., affecting the stability of the machine output. Cleaning before the need to first power off, wait for the machine to cool down, and then wipe the stained places, to be cleaned up and placed in a dry, neat environment.

2. Check the cooling system: the cooling system is an important part of the laser welding machine, if the amount of water is insufficient need to be added to the appropriate water level, if the water becomes turbid to replace the clean water source, to maintain the cooling system clear as well as the appropriate temperature.

How to maintain the laser welding machine features-Suntop

3. Repair parts: laser welding machine in long-term use, parts will produce consumption and wear, found that there are problems with the accessories should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner, so as not to affect the welding quality.

4. correct operation of the laser welding machine: laser welding machine is a more advanced welding equipment, complex structure, need to pay attention to the order of the power on and off, check whether the indicator light is lit correctly.

5. test laser welding machine: welding before the use of some marginal materials for test welding, observation of the equipment operating status and welding quality, such as abnormalities in a timely manner to stop and troubleshooting, contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

Second, welding torch maintenance

1. Check the conductive nozzle: conductive nozzle in the use of the process will produce wear and tear or spatter on the spatter, affecting the weld shape, if there is damage to replace in a timely manner.

How to maintain the laser welding machine-Suntop

2. Keep an eye on the welding gun temperature: welding gun for a long time the temperature rises, especially in the hot summer, it is best to put in a ventilated place to carry out welding work.

Laser welding machine is simple to operate, as long as the work in the elimination of bad operation, in general, can operate normally, such as encountering serious problems need to ask professionals to check and repair.

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