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Fiber Laser Cutting Control Card

Fiber laser cutting control card
As a common light source for laser equipment, xenon lamps are often also called laser xenon lamps or pulse xenon lamps. A xenon lamp is a photocell or flash lamp filled with xenon gas. Xenon lamps are chemically inactive, cannot burn, and do not support combustion.

Baichu laser control board system FSCUT1000 FSCUT2000 FSCUT3000 FSCUT4000, bus system FSCUT5000 FSCUT7000 FSCUT8000, plate cutting control system FSCUT2000 supports automatic focusing cutting head, FSCUT1000 can support electric focusing using expansion board, FSCUT3000 is compatible with all functions of FSCUT2000 laser cutting system.

The FSCUT1000S system is a low-cost fiber laser cutting solution tailored on the FSCUT2000C medium-power laser cutting system. This system combines a motion control card and a capacitor height controller into one, making it a very cost-effective special laser cutting system.

FSCUT2000S medium-power laser cutting system is a full-featured open-loop control system specially launched for the rice metal processing industry. It is easy to install, easy to debug, has excellent performance and complete solutions.

FSCUT3000S is a control system developed for pipe processing, supporting high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of square pipes, round pipes, runway-type and oval-shaped stretched pipes, as well as angle steel and channel steel.

FSCUT4000 laser cutting system is the first high-speed, high-precision fully closed-loop laser control system independently developed in China. Supports advanced functions such as automatic adjustment, cross-over control, and intelligent perforation.

The FSCUT5000 series is a bus cutting system specially launched for special pipe cutting machines. The FSCUT5000A system is suitable for three-chuck special pipe cutting machines, and the FSCUT5000B system is suitable for two-chuck special cutting machines. Together with the pipe nesting software TubesT, a common Edge cutting saves time and materials.

The FSCUT7000 system is an intelligent bus system launched for precision processing using ultrafast lasers such as picosecond and femtosecond lasers. Fully meet the basic requirements for high-precision, high-precision light emission control, automated docking and other basic features: Apply a new control algorithm with a bus structure to achieve high-precision trajectory processing; use high-real-time hardware slave stations to achieve equal-spaced light emission control from 0.1um to 10um (PSO) function: realize automated online production through the combination of standard communication protocol and parallel PLC.

The FSCUT8000 system is a high-end intelligent bus system launched to meet the needs of ultra-high power fiber laser cutting of 8KW and above. It has the characteristics of stability and reliability, convenient deployment, simple debugging, safe production, rich functions and excellent performance; it supports and provides modular, personalized, automated and information solutions. Currently, there are relatively mature and high-end bus-type dedicated laser cutting systems on the market.



Adaptation software

Control card

Interface type

Terminal board

Power requirements


Low power board system

CypOne laser cutting software


32-bit PCI bus, 132MB/s


24V DC/2A


Medium power board system

CypCut laser cutting software


PCle bus, x16 interface, 250MB/s


24V DC/2A


Pipe cutting board system

TubePro pipe cutting software

CypCut plane cutting software


32-bit PCI bus, 132MB/s


24V DC/2A


Fully closed loop board system

CypCut plane cutting software


32-bit PCI bus, 132MB/s


24V DC/2A


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