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Can Laser Welders Weld Aluminum?

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Aluminum products in life is more common, used in manufacturing many places, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum demand, is one of the most affordable materials, although they are more difficult than other materials in the welding process, but the laser welding machine can weld aluminum.

Laser welding aluminum alloy is now more mature, it is a big mainstay of welding equipment. When the laser beam irradiates the surface of the aluminum part, the heat generated spreads rapidly to the interior, melting the aluminum to form a specific molten pool, which can weld aluminum plates, precision parts and so on.

Can laser welders weld aluminum machine-Suntop

Advantages of laser welding

1. High working efficiency: laser focus spot is small, high power density, fast welding speed, stable and reliable quality of welded products, which can realize large-volume automated welding tasks.

2. Various welding methods: laser welding machine can be used in a variety of welding methods, such as spot welding, splicing welding, butt welding and so on. Different welding can achieve different welding results, according to the nature of the workpiece, shape and other characteristics of the choice of the appropriate welding method.

Can laser welders weld aluminum welding method-Suntop

3. Good welding effect: laser welding weld is small but deep, fast melting speed, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welded workpiece is flat and beautiful, more in line with modern high-quality requirements.

Can laser welders weld aluminum samples-Suntop

4. Wide range of welding: laser welding machine can realize the precision welding of a variety of materials, especially for some difficult to weld materials, can quickly melt different types of metal materials. It can not only weld precision zero devices, but also weld large and shaped workpieces to meet different welding needs.

5. flexibility: weld position is not restricted, you can contact the difficult to weld parts or localized position, through the precise positioning to complete the precise welding.

Can laser welders weld aluminum sample

6. long service life: laser welding is generally can be used for several years, if good maintenance, reduce machine failure, will be able to use a longer time, but also can save some maintenance costs, is a very practical welding equipment.

Can laser welders weld aluminum sample-Suntop

Laser welding machine is comprehensive and powerful, the use of laser welding machine welding aluminum, on the one hand, can improve the welding speed, improve productivity, on the other hand, can reduce the heat input, improve the quality of welding, it is better than other welding equipment welded out of the quality, is a reliable new welding equipment.

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