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Air-cooled Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Suntop Laser has been deeply involved in the laser industry for 18 years and has 100% developed and launched to the market the lightest and smallest handheld laser welding machine in the world. An advanced air-cooling system using phase-change thermal conduction technology weighs only 39KG and has a volume of <0.1m3. There is also an integrated cable drum for storing the feed cables, making the machine even more compact when stored or transported.
Product Model: ST-FWA1500/ 2000
Laser power: 1500W/2000W
Single maximum welding thickness: 0.5-6mm

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Air-cooled handheld laser welding machine features-Suntop

Features of air-cooled handheld laser welding machine

● Embedded with 24 pre-set modes for various materials.

● Only 30 minutes training needed for beginners to operate the welding system.

● Beginners can use the pre-set modes to achieve the same high. quality, consistent and neat welding seams like experienced operators.

● Pre-set modes include wobble parameters, suitable for wider welding seams and high tolerance for workpiece assembly fit up.

● For advanced operators, additional process modes for different materials and thickness combinations can be created and stored.

Details of air-cooled handheld laser welding machine

1. Laser welding head

Lightweight only 0.8KG, flexible and easy to weld any shape of metal parts, Adjustable weld seam width, up to 10-meter length distance welding. With security monitoring systems.

2. Operation interface

Advanced resistive touch screen, supports saving multiple sets of welding parameter libraries and multi-language selection, flexibility, convenience and high efficiency.

3. Auto feeder system

Touch screen design, Automatic wire filler, fully digital design, supports 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2.0mm diameter stainless steel and aluminum wires.

4. Laser Source

We use the customized 45um core diameter welding version fiber laser with a life span of 100,000 hours, maintenance free and can weld all kinds of metals.

5. Built-in air cooling

Unique air-cooled design, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

6. Welding connection fiber optic

Using 10 meters of original long fiber optic cable, an integrated cable drum is used to store the cable, making the machine more compact when stored or transported.

Air-cooled handheld laser welding machine details-Suntop

Advantages of air-cooled handheld laser welding machine

High Speed: Up to 4X Faster than traditional methods-increased productivity for lower costs-per-part.

High Quality: Consistent welding of thick, thin and reflective metals without distortion, undercut or burn through - minimal heat affected zone.

Easy to use: No need training, simple setup, easy to learn and operate, consistent high quality welding.

Enhanced material capability: Metals of different thicknesses, ultra-thin parts, brazing, low and high conductivity materials.

Wobble welding: Up to 5mm additional weld width - increases capacity and creates highly aesthetic seams.

Operator Safety: Multi-level sensors and interlock safety features.

Small size: Thanks to the advanced air cooling system which adapts phase change heat conduction technology, it weighs only 39KG and the volume is <0.1m3.

Single side weld thickness

Maximum melting



Stainless steel (mm)



Mild steel (mm)



Aluminum (mm)



Brass/copper (mm)



Galvanized sheet (mm)



Iron (mm)



Remark: Double weld thickness can be achieved if the material is welded from both sides in two times

Safety features

ST-FWA1500/2000 is a Class IV laser system and routine precautions are required for the safe operation of the equipment.

Built-in features include:

● Key switch control of laser source and Emergency-stop button ensure deliberate operation.

● Fiber laser interlock verifies integrity of laser delivery to the welding gun.

● Laser weld gun trigger, enable and then fire, for intentional operation.

● Part contact electrical interlock turns off the laser power if the welding head is not in contact with the welded parts.

Operators must wear all recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), including laser safety glasses, laser and heat resistant gloves, hats, leather aprons, etc., and other laser and heat resistant clothing.

Application materials of air-cooled handheld laser welding machine

Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium and many other metals and alloys; also can be used for welding between a variety of dissimilar materials.

Application industry of air-cooled handheld laser welding machine

Suitable for all kinds of sheet metal, moulds, chassis, power distribution cabinets, kitchen and bathroom products, all kinds of hardware lighting, advertising signs, door and window frames, handicrafts, household products, food machinery, medical equipment, auto parts and other industries.

Parameters of air-cooled handheld laser welding machine







Beam   quality

≤1.2   M⊃2;

≤1.3   M⊃2;

Laser   wavelength


Light   exit mode


Max   modulation frequency


Output   power stability


Aiming   positioning system

Built-in   Red Light

Terminal   type


Delivery   cable length

10M   (can be customized)

Power   supply


Cooling   system

Built-in   air cooling

working   environment

Temperature   5-45 °C /humidity 10-90%

Applicable   material

Almost   all metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass   and galvanized sheet.

Machine   weight


Machine   size


Air-cooled handheld laser welding machine samples-Suntop






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