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Why The Precision Electronics Industry Choose Laser Cutting

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With the continuous development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of industrial processing technology, laser cutting technology is also followed by rapid development and progress in the precision industry, the application of cutting machine is also more and more widely used, and has the role of other processes can not be compared.

Laser cutting high precision, fast cutting speed, small thermal impact, cut seam flat and not easy to deform, can cut a variety of shapes graphics, not bound by graphics, stable performance, low maintenance costs, cost-effective.

Laser cutting machine features-Suntop

With the development of modern science and technology, precision equipment industry, the traditional processing technology continues to transform and upgrade, laser cutting whether to improve processing quality, or optimize the appearance of the product, the competitiveness of the competitiveness gradually come to the fore, and its importance has been gradually recognized for the manufacturer, it can be concluded that the laser cutting machine laser cutting technology in the precision industry will be more and more widely used, and its development potential and market opportunities will be immeasurable.

Laser processing technology in accordance with the size of the processed material and the processing of the precision requirements for the three levels: medium-thick plate-based laser processing technology for large parts of the material, the processing accuracy is generally in the millimeter or sub-millimeter level; thin plate-based precision laser processing technology, the processing accuracy is generally in the ten-micron level; to the thickness of 100 μm or less of a variety of thin films based on the laser microfabrication technology, the processing accuracy is generally in the Laser microfabrication technology mainly for various thin films with thickness below 100μm, and its processing precision is generally below ten microns or even submicron level.

Laser precision processing can be divided into four categories of applications, namely, precision cutting, precision welding, precision punching and surface treatment. In the current technological development and market environment, laser cutting, welding applications are more popular, 3C electronics, new energy batteries are currently the most widely used areas.

Why the precision electronics industry choose laser cutting-Suntop

Today we mainly introduce the advantages of laser cutting for precision electronics industry.

1. High-precision cutting ability

Precision laser cutting machine uses a laser beam for material cutting, with very high positioning accuracy and cutting accuracy. It can realize millimeter-level very fine cutting, even for complex shapes and small-sized parts can also be easily dealt with. In addition, the laser cutting process will not cause excessive vibration and thermal deformation, which can ensure that the shape and size of the workpiece remains unchanged, thus ensuring the quality of the cut product.

2. Multi-material adaptability

Precision laser cutting machine can flexibly adapt to different types of materials. It can cut and process various metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, carbon steel and so on. This makes the laser cutting machine in a wide range of industrial areas have greater application space, including automotive manufacturing, electronic equipment, aerospace, mold manufacturing, etc..

3. Fast cutting speed and high efficiency

Precision laser cutting machine is characterized by fast cutting. It uses a high energy density laser beam, which can complete the cutting task of various complex shapes in a very short time. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the cutting speed of laser cutting machine is obviously faster, which can improve the production efficiency and shorten the delivery cycle.

4. High degree of flexibility and automation

Precision laser cutting machine has the advantage of flexibility and high degree of automation. It can be customized according to the user's requirements for cutting processing, to adapt to different process needs. In addition, the laser cutting machine can be combined with the computer numerical control system to realize fully automated cutting operations, improve production efficiency and product quality. By adopting laser cutting technology, enterprises can reduce manual operation, lower labor intensity and improve the automation level of production lines.

Precision laser cutting machines samples-Suntop

Suntop precision laser cutting machine adopts special control system, good stability of the equipment, using motion control system, in the field of laser cutting machine after many years of mature application, after continuous optimization and improvement, to achieve good performance, high reliability, user-friendly, easy to operate. Ensure the cutting and processing in an orderly manner, widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery, automotive, ship, rail and other processing areas.

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