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What is the difference between the three kinds of laser marking machine CO2 / UV / fiber?

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UV laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine in the end what is the difference between? Today SUNTOP Laser gives you an introduction to the characteristics of these three marking machines, so that you can refer to when buying.

CO2 laser marking machine features:

Laser marking machine-features-Suntop

1. High marking accuracy, speed, carving depth control.

2. Laser power, can be applied to a variety of non-metallic products for engraving and cutting.

3. Clear marking, not easy to wear, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving.

4. Using 10.64um laser beam through the beam expansion, focusing, and finally through the control of the deflection of the galvanometer.

5. Act on the surface of the workpiece according to the predetermined trajectory, so that the work surface vaporization to achieve the marking effect.

6. Good beam pattern, stable system performance, maintenance-free, suitable for large quantities, multiple varieties, high speed, high precision continuous production of industrial processing site.

Scope of application:

CO2 laser marking machine: suitable for paper, leather, fabric, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool products, plastic, ceramics, crystal, jade, bamboo and wood products. Widely used in all kinds of consumer goods, food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, construction ceramics, clothing accessories, leather, textile cutting, crafts and gifts, rubber products, shell nameplate, denim, furniture and other industries.

Fiber laser marking machine features:

Fiber laser marking machines-Suntop

1. No need to carry out any maintenance, long service life, small size, suitable for working in harsh environments.

2. Adopting integrated whole structure, equipped with automatic focusing system, the operation process is humanized.

3. Fast processing speed, 2-3 times of the traditional marking machine.

4. Beam quality is much better than the traditional solid-state laser marking machine, for the fundamental mode (TEM00) output, focused spot diameter of less than 20 um. dispersion angle of the semiconductor pump laser is 1/4. especially suitable for fine, precision marking. The laser is particularly suitable for fine, precision marking.

5. High efficiency of electro-optical conversion, the whole machine consumes less than 500W, greatly saving energy expenditure. Fast processing speed, is 2-3 times the traditional marking machine. Laser running life up to 100000 hours.

Scope of application:

Fiber laser marking machine: metal and a variety of non-metallic materials, high hardness alloys, oxides, electroplating, coating, ABS, epoxy resin, ink, engineering plastics and so on. Widely used in plastic translucent keys, ic chips, digital product parts, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring tools, watches and glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware jewelry, hardware tools, cell phone communication parts, automobile and motorcycle parts, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials and tubes and other industries.

UV laser marking machine features:

UV laser marking machines-Suntop

1. UV laser not only has good beam quality, but also has a smaller focused spot, which can realize ultra-fine marking; the scope of application is more extensive.

2. UV laser due to the focusing spot is very small, and processing heat-affected zone is small, and thus can be ultra-fine marking, special materials marking, is the marking effect of higher requirements of the customer's first choice of products.

3. UV laser heat-affected area is very small, will not produce thermal effects, will not produce material scorching problem; marking speed, high efficiency; machine performance is stable, small size, low power consumption and other advantages.

Scope of application:

UV laser marking machine is mainly used in a wide range of applications. Used for ultra-fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for use in food, pharmaceutical packaging materials marking, playing microporous, high-speed division of glass materials and complex graphic cutting of silicon wafers and other applications.

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