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What Are The Reasons for Laser Cleaners Not Producing Light?

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Nowadays, the laser cleaning machine has been widely used in the industrial production and manufacturing industry, with its frequency of use and manual correct operation or not, it will lead to the machine may have some problems. Below, Suntop laser on the laser cleaning machine does not come out of the light of this common problem to give you an analysis. Laser cleaning machine is not light is nothing more than these five reasons.

laser cleaning high power 1500w features-Suntop

1. Power failure

Check whether the power supply of the laser descaling machine is normal, whether the power supply is stable, and check whether the power cord is well connected.

2. Laser failure

The laser may be faulty, such as laser pump module damage, laser crystal damage, etc., which will lead to the laser can not be produced normally.

3. Optical path failure

Laser cleaner optical path may be faulty, such as mirrors, lenses and other components are damaged, deviation adjustment, etc., which will lead to the laser can not be normal emission.

4. Cooling system failure

Because the laser needs a cooling system to maintain a stable working temperature, if the cooling system failure, it will certainly affect the normal use of the laser!

5. Control system failure

The control system of the laser cleaning machine is the core component of the laser, if it is damaged or problematic, will lead to the laser can not be normal control and work.

Suntop Laser Warm Tips: The above are some common reasons why the laser cleaner does not produce light, the specific situation needs to be checked and troubleshooting. If you do not have relevant maintenance experience, please contact professional technicians for overhaul and repair.

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