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How can I tell if my laser cutter is calibrated properly?

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From time to time, Suntop Laser will visit a customer's site to service a laser cutter to see if the laser cutter is working properly, the parts that need to be repaired, and if the cutting head is still at its normal level of calibration, among other things. Parts damaged laser cutting machine can be directly obvious, but it is difficult to determine whether the laser cutting head is in the normal calibration range, so what methods can we find?

laser cutting machine for metal features-Suntop


As the most precise part of the fiber laser cutting machine, the fiber laser has stable performance, and the service life of the key components can reach 100,000 hours, so the output is very stable and will not deviate in the working process. When the laser is unstable for a certain period of time with very little problem in the output, it is very likely to judge that it is not within the calibration level, and then it can be repaired.

2. Perpendicularity

For the fiber laser cutting machine, when the program is written, the cutting head will complete the cutting task according to the instruction of the program, so the perpendicularity will not be deviated. The perpendicularity of the cutting edge is very important. The cutting edge deviates from the position specified by the program instruction, so the cutting prototype cannot meet the actual demand.

3. Width of the seam

The laser cutter focuses on a small spot so that the focal point can reach high power density. The material is rapidly heated to the point of vaporization and evaporates to form a hole. As the beam and material move linearly relative to each other, the holes continuously form a slit of very narrow width. Above in normal circumstances can meet this requirement, but when the laser head calibration failure, can not cut a satisfactory narrow slit, and the entire line is not in the horizontal line.

4. Coaxiality judgment

During the calibration of the fiber laser cutting machine, if the center of the airflow and the center of the beam are not on the same axis, sparks will sputter unevenly in all directions when cutting carbon steel plates. Perform the Carbon Steel Plate Drill Test again to see if the sparks sputter evenly, and make adjustments if they do not. After several repetitions, the coaxiality of the airflow center and beam center will be adjusted to the desired state.

5. Roughness.

The laser cut part will form vertical lines. The depth of the lines determines the roughness of the cut surface. The shallower the line, the smoother the cut surface.

6. Material

When cutting thick plates at high speed, the molten metal will not appear in the kerf below the vertical laser beam, but will be ejected at the rear of the laser beam. As a result, a curve is formed on the cutting edge and this curve closely follows the moving laser beam. To correct this problem, reducing the feed rate at the end of the cutting process can greatly eliminate the formation of lines.

Fiber laser cutting heads samples-Suntop

In addition to the above, there are many other phenomena that can determine if a fiber laser cutter is calibrated, such as perpendicularity, etc. Whichever problem is identified, it should be reported for repair to avoid unnecessary damage.

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