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Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter (ST-FC3015G)

Heavy-duty machine tool Main parts adopt the imported brand; Europe CE standard design; can be equipped with full automatic loading and unloading system; Max. laser power up to 20000W.

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Full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine features-Suntop

Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Main Features

1, Our this fiber laser cutting machine with air conditioner room and dust isolation/automatically-tracking smoking extraction system, energy-saving and perfect smoke extracton effect. Because of all electrical parts and laser Generator are inside of the machine, so our this design and idea will keep parts working stably even 24 hours continued working from which prolong the lifetime of the machine's optical parts, electrical parts etc.

2, The mechanical transmission part has been tested and calibrated with laser interferometer for many times to ensure the our machine good and stable accuracy even after a few years of use, which is VERY important for end users.

3, Our machine tool is used integrated welding after annealing to eliminate stress, the process of cutting welding stress relief annealing—roughing—VSR—semi-finished-VSR-Finishing, a better solution due to welding and the stress arising from the processing, which greatly improve the stability of the machine, the common thickness range of structure metal profiles from 12-15mm which at least 20 years no deformation.

Single table fiber laser cutting machine tools-Suntop

4, Monitor system, both the front table and the back table of the machine are equipped with cameras, which can effectively monitor the working status of the tables.

5, Configured with inductive RAYTOOLS aoto focus fiber laser cutting head and mirror to reach as much smaller focus spot as, more delicate lines can be cut, higher efficiency, better processing quality.

6, Optical fiber transmission, flexible processing, cutting quality at any point can be ensured.

7, Professional laser CNC control system (Cypcut cutting software), computer operation, more simple operation and multi-functions:



Main Descriptions


Height following

Torch move up and down   according to plate height


Power control

Laser power controlled   according to slope


Reverse function

Reverse to execute NC   program


Breakpoint return

Return to breakpoint after   recovery


Multi piercing

Pulse, blasting, progress,   high-speed


Lead line

Set lead line parameter


Auto edge-finding

Find cutting piece   coordinate automatically


Leapfrog function

Leapfrog to improve cutting   efficiency


Common line

Common line to improve the   cutting efficiency


Marking function

Machine can do any shape   laser engraving on plate


Nesting function

Software can array the   cutting pieces automatically, it can save both the materials and the labor   energy

8, Compatible wth a variety of software, can design all kinds of graphics or text instant cutting, simple operation, flexible, convenient

9, With intelligent discharging function, material utilization rate is higher.

10, machine can be equipped wth Auto nesting function.

11, Machine can choose the famous brand IPG/RAYCUS/nLIGHT/TRUMPF laser Generator.

Fiber laser cutting machine the application materials

Steel metals processing, advertising sings production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobile, machinery, metal products, saw blades, electrical parts, optical industry, spring, metal board, kettles, medical microelectronics, hardware, knife measuring tools and other metal processing industry.

sheet metal laser cutting samples-Suntop

Machine main technical parameters:

Machine Name

Metal Plate Fiber laser cutting machine (full enclosd)                



Laser machine cutting area

1500*3000mm (4000*2000mm, 1500*6000mm, 2000*6000mm, 2500*6000mm)

Fiber Laser Power



(High power has different configuration and machinery structure)

Laser wave length


Transmission system

Gear +rails (we have standard brand; we can also produce as your requirements)

X.Y axis location accuracy


X.Y axis repeat location accuracy


X.Y axis max moving speed

30m/min (also according to kind of materials and thickness)

Max cutting speed

1--30m/min (it will according to metal material and laser power)

Cutting thickness

Depends on Material

Application Material

Metal sheet Iron/CS/SS/Aluminum/Copper and all kinds metal


>From the raw materials to the final machine all from us directly.

>Simple, compact, electrically and optically efficient
>Compatibly powerful and reliable
>Maintenance free
>3 years warranty.

>Protective Cover, CE standard design.

Net weight

5500KG (different configuration and power have different weight)



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