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Do you know these industry applications of fiber laser cutting?

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With the steady development of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replaced the old-fashioned cutting machines with their automation and flexibility. Now, metal laser cutting is becoming more and more popular. Here is a summary of what fiber laser cutting machines can do and the industries where they are widely used.

Compared with traditional processing, the main features of fiber laser cutting machine are: wide processing range, small deformation, high accuracy, environmental protection, automation, etc., is a more obvious advantage of laser cutting equipment. Furthermore, it also has the advantages of high efficiency, no apparatus wear and tear, and differentiated style production and processing. Compared with the old sheet metal processing, metal laser cutting there are very obvious strengths, is undoubtedly the key to the widespread use of fiber laser cutting machine and the manufacturing industry boom in the past few years.

pipe laser machine cutting features-Suntop

The use of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Sports and fitness equipment manufacturing

The diversity of fitness equipment also makes high conditions for production and processing, various specifications, modeling, so that the old-fashioned processing procedures are cumbersome, low efficiency. Laser cutting equipment is highly flexible, support for customization of different tubes, plates, production and processing of the finished product is smooth and flat, no burr phenomenon, no re-processing, product quality and productivity increased substantially.

2. Sheet metal processing manufacturing industry

With the booming development of sheet metal processing, the old sheet metal cutting machine can not meet the current production process, cutting work style conditions, metal laser cutting there is a high level of softness, cutting work rate, such as the advantages of fast, gradually replacing the old-fashioned machine, metal fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing is the inevitable trend of future development.

3. Enclosure sheet metal manufacturing industry

We can see around the electrical cabinet and tin file cabinets are almost all standardized production of sheet metal finished products, the productivity conditions are getting higher and higher. Fiber laser cutting machine is more suitable, productivity will increase.

Single table fiber laser cutting machine industry-Suntop

4. Automobile manufacturing

There are also many precision parts materials in the car, such as automobile brake pads. In order to improve the safety of the car, it is necessary to ensure the precision of the cutting work. The old-fashioned manual precision is difficult to achieve, followed by low efficiency. The advantages of metal laser cutting with high accuracy, high efficiency, burr-free phenomenon, one-piece molding, etc., are the reasons why fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry.

5. Shipbuilding manufacturing industry

In the direction of shipbuilding manufacturing, metal laser cutting of marine steel plate there is a very good quality of the cut workpiece, very good verticality of the cut surface, no slag, thin oxide film, smooth and flat surface, no reprocessing, can be directly laser welding, thermal stress is small, curve cutting work with high accuracy, reduce the time to assist, to meet the high strength of the ship's special plate efficient cutting work.

6. Agricultural equipment manufacturing

With the steady development of agricultural science and technology, agricultural equipment into the product category shape tends to be flexible and diverse and precision, but the finished product production and processing of agricultural equipment to make new requirements. Fiber laser cutting machine more advanced laser cutting skills, intelligent devices and mechanical automation, not only reduces the manufacturing cost of agricultural equipment, and improve efficiency.

7. Kitchen equipment manufacturing industry

The old kitchen equipment production industry molding methods are facing low efficiency, mold consumption, the use of huge cost problems. Fiber laser cutting machine cutting work rate is fast, high accuracy, improve production processing productivity, can meet the personalized customization and differentiation of new product development, to deal with kitchen equipment manufacturers many problems, access to kitchen equipment manufacturers.

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