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CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Leather Products Processing

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Leather industry covers the tanning, shoe making, leather clothing, leather parts, fur and its products and other main industries, due to the traditional means of leather processing there are slow, low efficiency, difficult layout, single style, material waste and other shortcomings. Laser marking technology can be in a variety of leather fabrics on the fast carving and hollowing out all kinds of patterns, and flexible in terms of operation, at the same time will not make the leather surface to produce any deformation, suitable for shoe uppers, shoes, leather, leather goods, handbags, bags, bags, leather clothing, and other processing manufacturers need.

CO2 laser marking machine features-Suntop

Laser marking machine as the development of faster high-tech technology, has been much attention, CO2 laser marking machine is specially designed for non-metallic materials marking, marking in the leather products really do more fast and economical. The advantages of using laser engraving technology to process leather are too many, with high engraving accuracy, no burrs, different shapes, can now meet the conception of everyone's pursuit of independent characteristics, adapt to a variety of materials in the industry, can be engraved in the upper, clothing, shoes, shoes, bags, leather goods, gloves, etc. Cut flowers.

CO2 laser marking machine for leather products processing

Laser processing belongs to a form of thermal processing processing, it is due to the high energy of the laser beam on the surface of the leather instantaneous completion of the pattern of burning engraving, heat affected by the small, so despite the high quality of the laser beam will not damage the leather goods, but only in the formation of the surface of the leather goods need to marking pattern. CO2 laser marking machine in addition to marking the beautiful pattern, but also can be printed in a variety of Chinese, English, numbers, dates, bar codes, two-dimensional code, running numbers and so on. , two-dimensional code, running number and so on. Below, come together to understand what it has the function and characteristics of it.

CO2 laser marking machine in the apparel industry application samples-Suntop

1. High-performance metal RF CO2 laser is used to enhance stability and laser life;

2. good quality of high beam, high electro-optical conversion rate, fast processing speed, 5 to 10 times of the traditional laser marking machine;

3. no consumables, no need to carry out any maintenance, long service life. Small size, suitable for harsh environment work;

4. High reliability, maintenance-free, no chiller, completely air-cooled, easy to operate;

5. Simple operation, equipped with humanized operation software;

6. excellent optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine work, applicable to most non-metallic materials.

CO2 laser marking machine for leather products processing samples-Suntop

CO2 laser marking machine with high marking accuracy, high speed, clear marking and other characteristics, not only in different materials products can be printed on the plane, curved surface of a variety of text, symbols, patterns, and can be processed in small sizes of complex patterns. Equipment and production line with online flight marking, can save a lot of labor and material costs for the enterprise. And also can greatly improve the production efficiency.

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