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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in The Production of Lamps And Lanterns

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Lighting in the modern home decoration bears a pivotal role, with the improvement of human living standards, the more stringent requirements for home furnishings, as a necessity for home decoration, lighting from meeting functional needs to the pursuit of personalized customization needs.

Application of laser cutting machine in the production of lamps and lanterns sample-Suntop

Metal itself has a unique texture, combined with personalized laser patterns, made of lights, loved by the public.

Laser cutting machine is the mainstream tool for metal processing, laser cutting is the key cutting method in the customized production process of metal lamps and lanterns. In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, lamp designers will design the lamps, draw the ideal model on the drawings, and import it into the laser cutting machine controller in order to carry out the metal contour processing, and finally produce metal lamps and lanterns, which is more adaptable to the changing market demand of the lamp processing industry, and helps enterprises to stand out in the fierce market competition.

Application of laser cutting machine in the production of lamps and lanterns samples-Suntop

Laser cutting machine with flexibility, rapidity, one-time molding, no need to open the mold and other characteristics, suitable for processing stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper and other highly reflective metal materials, can help manufacturers to achieve artistic creation, personalized customization and small batch customization. Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cutting machine can cut higher quality workpieces, while reducing the processing procedures.

Taking sheet metal cutting as an example, the traditional sheet metal cutting process needs to go through steps such as cutting, punching and bending, which requires a large number of molds and dies to match, thus increasing capital investment and possibly causing waste. Comparatively speaking, laser cutting machines do not require these processes, and its cutting effect and quality is more outstanding.

pipe laser machine cutting features-Suntop

The advantages of laser cutting machine in the metal lighting processing industry are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1. laser cutting is non-contact processing, the use of high-density laser beam irradiation of the surface of the workpiece to achieve melting, and high-pressure gas blowing away the slag in order to complete the cutting action, the whole process is completely dependent on CNC technology, no contact and no deformation.

2. Laser cutting machine has no limitations on the complexity of the pattern, processing speed is very fast, high precision, smooth and beautiful cutting end face, can be the original cold metal materials processed into a pattern with artistic flavor, with the lighting effect, so that the metal pattern is more exquisite, high-end.

Fiber laser cutting heads samples-Suntop

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