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What are the laser cutting machine application industries?

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Laser cutting machine has better cutting effect, faster and clearer than other cutting machines. Compared with the traditional cutting process, the advantages of laser cutting speed, narrow slit, small heat-affected zone, good verticality of the slit edge and smooth cutting edge make it more and more widely used. Suntop laser summarizes the main applications of laser cutting machine industries for you.

Fiber laser cutting machine metal features-Suntop

1. Sheet metal processing

The sheet metal processing industry is to cut and polish various metal sheets, as well as some small parts. The advantages of laser cutting machines are obvious. The cutting is very precise, saving time and effort, and the high precision is used in this industry. It not only saves time and effort, but also has high cutting precision, less material consumption, and waste materials can be used in processing.

2. Automobile industry

The front cover of the car, the sheet metal of the car, etc. need to be processed after forming some redundant corners or burrs. If manual operation is used, the manufacturing efficiency and accuracy will be difficult to reach the ideal standard. The use of robotic laser cutting machines enables rapid batch processing.

3. Decoration industry

Due to the fast speed and flexible cutting of laser cutting machines, many complex graphics can be quickly formed, which is deeply loved by decoration companies. As long as it is what the customer wants, after making the drawing through CAD, it can be directly cut out with relevant materials, and there is no problem in customization.

4. Fitness equipment

With the emphasis on sports and health and the development of personal health concepts, square fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have developed rapidly, and the demand is particularly large. They are basically pipe cutting, and it is convenient and fast to use pipe laser cutting machines.

5. Advertising industry

Due to the large amount of customization in the advertising industry, the efficiency of traditional methods is very low, and laser cutting machines are suitable for this industry. No matter what kind of words, logos, patterns, etc. can be quickly cut out.

6. Kitchenware industry

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for kitchenware related products is increasing. Laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin plate stainless steel, with fast speed, high precision and good effect, and can realize customized and personalized product development. Manufacturers love it.

7. Cabinet industry

Including distribution boxes, filing cabinets, etc., are all standardized production of thin plates, which require high efficiency. It is suitable to use laser cutting machines with four or six stations, and the efficiency is high. It can even be cut in double layers for certain boards.

8. Lighting industry

At present, the mainstream outdoor lamps are all big tubes, which are cut in different types, and there are more and more retro products, and there are more and more types. The traditional cutting method is too inefficient and cannot achieve personalized development. The use of laser cutting machines just solves this problem.

sheet metal laser cutting samples-Suntop

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