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3d Fiber Laser Metal Engraving Machine

The 3D fiber laser metal engraving machine has the characteristics of three-dimensional engraving capability, high-precision engraving, multi-material applicability, fast engraving, efficient creative design, high stability and durability. It is widely used in metal processing and decoration industries, such as jewelry making, handicraft making, metal sculpture and other fields.
Product Model: ST-FL30-3D/ST-FL50-3D/ST-FL60-3D/ST-FL100-3D
Laser power: 30W/50W/60W/100W
Working area: 110*110mm/175*175mm/300*300mm/600*600mm/800*800mm

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3d fiber laser metal engraving machine features-Suntop

Features of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

1. It is equipped with a professional 3D scanning lens and an automatic control system.

2. It adopts advanced digital three-axis dynamic focus technology, which allows for fast marking speed, high real-time zoom control, and a uniform focus spot.

3. By using the 3D fine marking system software, it can meet various manual engraving needs, such as relief patterns, deep engraving, shade engraving, etc., thereby improving the three-dimensional sense of details.

4. It has a three-dimensional surface three-dimensional marking function, which can concentrate fine light spots and symmetrical marking within the relative height standard of 0~60mm size tolerance. It can mark irregular products such as curved surfaces, slopes, steps, spheres, cylinders, and cones without enlargement.

5. It has a large processing width, and the marking range can be adjusted according to specific processing requirements. There is no defocus phenomenon throughout the entire process.

6. It supports 3D model import, and 2D graphics can be directly wrapped or projected onto the built-in common surface.

Details of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

1. The fiber laser source can be chosen from brands such as Raycus, JPT, MAX, or IPG.

2. The 3D digital scanning head is a famous brand SINO-GALVO oscilloscope scanning head, known for its high speed and accurate marking. It has XYZ three axes for irregular or surface marking, and the Z axis can move automatically.

3. The professional 3D galvanometer has a variable focal length and precise control of the focal position. This ensures the engraving of irregular products with the desired focal size and spot quality.

4. The double red light preview feature helps to quickly find the focal distance. There is no need to use a ruler, just check if the red dots and red lines on the surface of the product to be marked overlap.

3d fiber laser metal engraving machine details-Suntop

Advantages of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

1. 3D engraving capability: It can realize three-dimensional engraving of metal materials, and can perform complex concave and convex engraving on the metal surface according to the design requirements, creating a three-dimensional and layered feeling.

2. High-precision engraving: Due to the use of high-quality fiber lasers and precise optical systems, extremely high precision and resolution can be achieved during the metal engraving process, and fine-detailed engraving can be achieved.

3. Multi-material applicability: 3D fiber laser metal engraving machine is suitable for engraving a variety of metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, iron, etc., with wide adaptability.

4. Fast engraving speed: The process of laser beam engraving on the metal surface is non-contact and high-speed, which can complete complex engraving tasks in a short time and improve production efficiency.

5. Efficient and creative design: Creative design can be carried out through software, and two-dimensional images can be converted into three-dimensional engraving effects to achieve creative design and personalized customization.

6. High stability and durability: This equipment uses high-quality fiber lasers and optical components, which has stable working performance and high durability, and is suitable for long-term continuous operation.

Functions of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

● Revolutionize the conventional 2D marking method by enabling the carving of various 3D shapes, including slopes, cylinders, cones, balls, and more. Achieve comprehensive marking capabilities.

● The marking software allows for the importation of graphics exported from popular 3D software, facilitating easy graphic modifications. User-friendly operation.

● Automatically compute radians and adjust focus accordingly. Capable of marking multi-level large formats, three-dimensional surfaces, planes, and more.

Application materials of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

Suitable for working with most metal marking applications such as Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Steel, Iron Titanium etc, and can also mark on many nonmetal materials,such as ABS, Nylon, PES, PVC etc.

Application industry of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

Suitable for three-dimensional surface of a variety of metal or non-metallic products laser marking, applied to precision machinery, measuring tools, electrical appliances, three-dimensional circuit, electronic components, 3C electronics, electronic communications, hardware jewelry, hardware tools, cell phone communication components, automobile and motorcycle parts, molds, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, tubes, and other high-precision product engraving.

Parameters of 3d fiber laser metal engraving machine

Laser   Power










Max   Marking Range


Laser   Wavelength


Pulse   Energy


Repetitive   Frequency


Indicator   Laser

Red   light 655nm/output 1.0 mW

Minimum   Line Width


Marking   Speed


Operating   System

Windows   XP/7/8/10

Font   Support

Ture   type, AUTOCAD Single line font, custom

One-dimensional   Barcode


Two-dimensional   Barcode

QR/PDF417/Data   matrix (ECC200) etc.



Environmental   Requirements

Temperature:   10-35℃, Humidity: 5-75%

Spare   Parts Come with the Machine

Protective   glasses, Metal business card, Foot switch, Hex socket wrench, Power cord

Optional   Accessories to Purchase

D80   Rotating Shaft/ D57 Small Chuck/2D Table (X.Y direction)/ Cutting Fixture

Power   supply

220V±10%    50/60 Hz

Net   Weight (KG)/ Gross Weight

140KG /   168KG

Machine   Dimension

1050*800*1200mm   (L*W*H)

3d fiber laser metal engraving machine samples-Suntop




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